Having been brought up in Chanthaburi province, Khun Somlax Kittipaisalsilp spent much of her early years familiarizing herself with the lavish gemstones, commonly found on the abundant grounds of the Eastern shores of the Gulf of Thailand. In those early days, Chanthaburi enjoyed its pride in being Thailand's largest source of beautiful jewels. However, due to immense popularity and heavy gemstones mining, the supplies rapidly became scarce. 



Owing to her acquaintance with these glamorous charms, Khun Somlax co-founded The Best Gems in light of her passions to collect, preserve, and share these beauties with exclusive clientele. Soon after, her unique start-up became widely popular amongst Thai jewellery connoisseurs, and the first official branch of the company was established at Central Ramindra in 1988. This marked the beginning of The Best Gems' captivating stories....

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Intercontinental Bangkok Hotel

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